Container Plant Photo for GGW

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I spent several hours photographing containers in my yard and settled on this one for the Gardening Gone Wild May Photo Competition. It is a picture of three glazed pots, all with California native plants in them. The only one really visible is the woodland strawberry (Fragaria vesca ssp. californica ‘Montana de Oro’) in the blue container. It had several strawberries that I enjoyed after the photo shoot, though the primo one in the picture I gave to my husband.

3 thoughts on “Container Plant Photo for GGW

  1. Is a woodland strawberry the same as an alpine strawberry? I looove alpine strawberries.<br /><br />Lovely picture!

  2. Dear GraduallyGreener-<br />Yes I think that it is the same, though mine is a cultivar. There seems to be some debate on whether Fragaria vesca ssp. californica is a separate species: F. californica, or a subspecies. In any event, these are quite similar – and yes too good for words!

  3. What fun! Isn&#39;t it interesting how difficult it can be to photograph those darn containers? I had no idea…A fun competition (and I&#39;m glad I didn&#39;t win because all those native plants are actually native to the east coast ;-&gt;)

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