Colors in the nature park

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It has been more than month and a half since I last posted. Though my electronic mouth has been silent –  if you don’t count a few murmurs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – much has been happening in the nature park and my own garden.

Following the only significant rain of the year, the weeds in both places have been having a party. I have spent more time at the nature park than I should given that my house is on the Theodore Payne Native Plant Garden Tour again this year. So if you visit Wild Suburbia on April 6, please forgive me the “occasional” garden spurge, knowing that the time was spent pulling mustard, radish, tocalote, horehound, etc. etc. in the nature park. Weeding there means that seedlings of California buckwheat, sage, sagebrush and annual amsinckia will have a chance to take hold, tipping the balance from weedy lot to coastal sage scrub habitat.

And of course, there are the grandchildren. Much more important to watch them grow then pull a few weeds. If, however, you can get them to pull a few, then each slow day now is leveraged for the future.

Wish I could bend like this while weeding. Ahhh, to be young!

This album includes pictures of some of the plants blooming in the park. I will try to post more flower pictures so people can look for these beauties themselves.

Here’s a slideshow of the February 1, 2014 MLK Service Day Planting Party. I have been trying to keep these new plants watered. Oh, to have another rainfall!

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  1. Pamela

    Great photo album of the plants blooming in the nature park.

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