CNPS-SGM Plant Sale – Sat., Nov. 10, 2012

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Special Weather Statement: It’s hot, really hot! Hard to think about planting in the garden but that is exactly what I have been doing. I have been looking at plant lists to send in the order for the plant sale for our local chapter of the California Native Plant Sale (San Gabriel Mts Chapter – CNPS).

To begin, I got out last year’s list to see what sold and what didn’t. It may come as no surprise to many of you, especially my former boss at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, but the grasses made a poor showing.   We brought in 50 3″ blue grama grass and returned almost all of them. Come on, people! We didn’t even sell all of the deer grass. The flowery perennials, as usual, did great. Oh, to be popular. Maybe that is why I like the grasses so much, they remind me of my popularity in middle school. (Do any of you remember waiting to be picked for a team in gym? The thought alone makes me want to buy all of the grasses that are left sitting at the end of the day.) Well, I worked the list to try to have more of the plants that people want. After all, this is a fundraiser for our chapter. What we don’t sell we return. 
The good news, for all of you who are thinking of planting this fall, is that we will have a nice list of about 100 different types of plants with a total of about 1,400 pots available. In the past we had seed packets and will probably have them again this year. Just getting started on planning and ordering so we do not know exactly what will be available. 
As usual there will be lots of volunteers there to help you pick out plants, or just to chat with about gardening with native plants. I will be posting more on this event as we get closer. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or email me.

Annual Plant Sale
Saturday, November 10, 2012
9 am – 2 pm
Eaton Canyon Nature Center, 1750 Altadena Drive, Pasadena, CA

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051119_1190_3008 x 2000
2005 CNPS- San Gabriel Mts Chapter Plant Sale
051119_1195_3008 x 2000
2005 Plant Sale
061202_0336_3008 x 2000
2006 Plant Sale. Notice the plant info sign in right lower corner. We post these signs with the plants giving info on size, exposure, water, etc. 

I cannot believe that I don’t have any pictures from more recent sales. I am having so much fun speaking with shoppers that I just don’t have the time to take pictures. I’ll try to be better this year. Hope to see some of you there.