Prisk Native Garden

Prisk Elementary School in Long Beach is fortunate to have the most amazing native garden. The garden was started in 1996 by teacher, Candy Jennings, and three dedicated volunteers. The garden has grown over the years with the care and loving attention of Mike Letteriello. Each year Mike holds an open house in spring. This

Desert Wildflowers

Superbloom? Well, maybe, but the desert is magnificent with or without all of the hype. In fact, I enjoy the more secluded spots on enticing dirt roads in the desert. We took this trip on March 1 – 3, 2016, driving to Lone Pine and then spending the next day in Death Valley. Badwater Road

Devil’s Punchbowl hike

We hiked Devil’s Punchbowl trail to Devil’s Chair over Memorial Day weekend. It was a gorgeous spot. And there were a surprising number of wonderful wildflowers and amazing manzanitas. The hike was about 3.7┬ámiles each way and not too steep. Well worth the walk. I’ve included a slideshow below with pictures of some of the


Summer was too short and way too busy. I spent most of it driving. Drove from LA to NYC, and back again. Then flew back east for another family gathering. This was followed by a backpacking trip in the Hoover Wilderness. Finally home, feeling exceedingly guilty about my carbon footprint. At home I ride my

Acorn season

I am collecting acorns from Engelmann oaks here in South Pasadena. Engelmanns, also known as Pasadena or mesa oaks, are not only rare and unusual, but magnificent as well. When mature they have a broad crown with spreading, horizontal branches so massive that it is hard to imagine how they can hold themselves up.It is


Road my bicycle to the train station, parked it, took Gold Line to Chinatown and walked from there to the not-so-grand Grand Park, ate ice cream, walked to Pershing Square, took Red Line to Gold Line, back to South Pasadena and road my bike home. Yes, I know CicLAvia is supposed to encourage bicycling but

A typical city

Mumbai is about as urban a place as one can imagine. Cars, bicycles, trucks, carts, cows, people, dogs, cats, horses, motorcycles, scooters, and autorickshaws dart around in a frenetic dance that can only leave one amazed that there aren’t more – many more – collisions. The air is thick and the streets full of litter.

Be back soon

We have been traveling since July 8th and are scheduled to return home in two days. It has been a great trip but, as is usually the case, as we near the end I am more than ready to come home. As my thoughts turn westward through nine time zones, I decided to have a

The Huntington Ranch

Wild sage and buckwheat in the foreground. I am going to say something tantamount to heresy: Although I recognize how amazing the Huntington Botanical Garden is, I don’t really love it. I have been in awe of it, but not in touch with it – until today. Today there was an open house at the