Carrizo Plain Wildflower Trip

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News reports – international, national and local – of a wildflower superbloom this spring were not overstated. Although we visited the Mojave and Joshua Tree, Anza-Borrego and now Carrizo Plain, I don’t think that we made it to any spot on the “peakest” day. Nevertheless, the wilds of California are always beautiful, and flowers were plentiful. My visit to family on the east coast during the second week of April, meant that the first available day for a trip to the amazing Carrizo Plain was not until April 16, Easter Sunday. We left early in the morning and had the place to ourselves until late afternoon when hoards of people arrived. Still, it was a day to remember.

Where we went

The map below shows where we drove. The orange markers indicate the number of pictures taken at each location. As you can see, there were still lots of yellow flowers covering the ground (common monolopia mostly), though the carpets of purple phacelia were subdued. The other exciting finds were a blunt-nosed leopard lizard near a sign warning of their presence, a group of pronghorn antelope, and a gopher snake crossing the road.

A selection of photos

Please comment or send me a message if you think I have misidentified any of the flowers (or animals) below. Thanks!

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Protect C.P. National Monument

The recent Trump administration executive order includes the Carrizo Plain National Monument in its review of public lands, potentially opening up this land and other important monuments to development and a lifting of federal protection. Call your Senators and Representatives to let them know that you value this land and want your children and grandchildren to be able to enjoy these remarkable natural wonders.