Can you feel the heat?

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All of a sudden it got really hot here. And more heat is predicted for tomorrow, the next day and the next day and the next day. Welcome to summer.

I got a few new, used lenses for my Nikon D7100 today. Couldn’t wait to try them and they didn’t disappoint. I tried to capture the dry heat digitally.


4 thoughts on “Can you feel the heat?

  1. Wow. Great photos. Clear, and they do capture the "dry" feeling.

  2. Anonymous

    Great shots. What are the new, used lenses? Pamela

  3. I'd say you got the whole heat thing very well.

  4. <br />thanks all. @Pamela, I got some nikon lenses used: 28mm, manual; 60 mm AF, 28-? zoom, AF. Been having fun getting to know them!

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