Call Supervisor Antonovich

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Passing along another email suggesting that we call TODAY, asking that the Arcadia Woodlands issue be put on the Supplemental Agenda for Tuesday’s meeting:

Thanks, Jerry. I just called Antonovich’s office and left a message
asking the Supervisor to place the preservation of the Arcadia
Woodlands on the Supplemental Agenda of the BofS’s meeting this coming
Tuesday. The receptionist took my name & number and promised a return
call. I probably would have asked for access to the LADPW report also
like Jerry did but I didn’t want my message to be too confusing. The
number I used was 213-974-5555. If there is a better number or
contact person to call, please let me know.

I hope that everybody, particularly those of us who live in Supervisor
Antonovich’s district will also IMMEDIATELY call Supervisor Antonovich and urge that this be placed on the Supplemental Agenda for the Board of Supervisors meeting this Tuesday 1/11/2011. At this stage, I personally am more worried about too few calls, rather than ticking
him off with too many calls. PLEASE DO IT NOW; TODAY IS DEADLINE FOR

Ross Heckmann