But where will I sunbathe?

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Both Milo and Sophie are wondering where they will be able to sunbathe when the deck is gone. I too wonder what the backyard will be like. Right now I am thinking about the best surface to put under the dripline of the avocado that won’t endanger its health.


Other than the deck, cleaning up the yard waste, and planning for the fall planting season (the RSABG plant sale is November 7/8), the veggies are looking good too. Think I’ll make a salad with the lettuce and arugula, and use the swiss chard on a home-made pizza for dinner tonight.

Forgot to mention – I gave a talk at the LA Arboretum yesterday for Lili Singer’s Thursday Garden Talks. The group was really great. Lots of questions and discussion. I know it is kind of cliche to say this, but I think I learn as much from giving these classes as the people who attend. I am uploading the presentation, Easy Gardening with California Native Plants.

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “But where will I sunbathe?

  1. Grace Peterson

    Boy, life is tough for our little spoiled but lovable kitties, isn't it? Good luck with the project.

  2. Mary Delle

    I can see you're mourning the loss of the deck. Now bravely into the future of the project.

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