Backyard Progress

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Picking colors for the wall of our neighbors’ garage that has become a design element of our yard. It looks like we are going to go with the same colors as our house, only reversed. We have a gallon of paint from the house and it seems a shame to waste it. So the garage will probably be painted Aurora Brown with a dark green trim. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow we will sand and get as far along on the painting as we can.

These are two colors that I thought might work… not really, though.

No we are not USC fans.

A view of the back from a second floor window. The gray electrical pipe will be buried and the large rosemary shrub will probably go as well.

View towards garage from above.

The Claremont pink currant (Ribes sanguineum var. glutinosum ‘Claremont’) is still in full bloom. I love the way it looks intermingled with the other plants – toyon, ferns, snow berry, wiregrass, etc.

And what good would a post be without Milo …

So all in all, been busy weeding as I come and go, cutting things back and sowing wildflower seeds. I am about to go out and buy sunflower seeds. I used to have a great display but in the last few years the seedlings have all gotten eaten. I think I will start some in pots and cover the ones in the ground with screen. I really want them to make it this year. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Backyard Progress

  1. I love the artful stacking of boxes in your neighbor's garage window! The yellow looks great! But then, I'm horrible with color. Best to take the opposite of whatever I say. Lovely Ribes!

  2. See I rather the liked the red…reminds me of the old red barns. Lovely garden Barbara. Someone else with a blooming Ribes sanguineum…I wish mine would acknowledge that it&#39;s almost spring, it&#39;s just not quite willing to flower yet.<br /><br />I wonder if you could find a salvaged decorative piece of wrought iron to cover that window with the stacked boxes 😛

  3. My neighbor already told me that they are going to cover the window once tax season is over. As for color, looks like we are going to take the coward&#39;s way out and use the colors from the house, only reversed. The garage will be Aurora Brown – not as red as the one I put up. Christine, haven&#39;t heard a lot of support for the yellow, so I guess we&#39;ll take your advice and not go with it.

  4. Looking fantastic and got me googline flowering currants again. Aurora brown sounds like a nice understated yet bold color. Though secretly I love yellow – sunshine 🙂

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