7 in bloom, 3 ready to go

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With less than a week to go, there are seven potted sunflowers in bloom.

And several more are just about there.

Each morning I check the pots, watering those that are dry, especially on hot days like today and tomorrow.

The mammoth sunflowers have large buds and I really hope they pop before next weekend!

Couldn’t do this without help, and Milo is always eager to lean a paw.

Too bad Milo is going to be at the spa during the weekend, though he really doesn’t do well with company.

Most of the work is done. Still putting together the table arrangements and doing a few other things but we are ready!

6 thoughts on “7 in bloom, 3 ready to go

  1. It will be a lovely place and lovely day for a wedding. Heat this week, and your attentive care will surely help the flowers unfold! Enjoy!

  2. Thanks, Janis. We're ready!

  3. Everything looks great, and the sunflowers so sunny! I think the wedding will be fantastic. So Milo's heading to the spa?

  4. It looks like your plants are helping nicely with the wedding preparations. It will all be <i>so</i> worth it in the end. I remember all the special techniques I used in my brief teen years showing roses–flowers in the fridge, flowers in the cool garage, flowers in the warmest corner of the house, all to get them opened to the right stage at exactly the right time. A wedding is a much more

  5. Aww, Milo&#39;s so good! I can sense the nervous anticipation- it&#39;s going to be so amazing with all your hard work paying off!

  6. I like the knives and forks in the flowerpots!

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