3-Bin Composting

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Just found this video on making a 3-bin composting area. When I started to watch I thought – too much work! But then I saw the small home garden version (2:11 on the video) made of branches. It is so pretty. I want that! Jim, are you reading this? Can we make it? Please? I know I could do it myself, but my constructions tend to be flimsy (should I say… slapdash?).

2 thoughts on “3-Bin Composting

  1. Barbara,<br /><br />Neat set up! We use worms the break down our compost. Makes nice rich soil, it does need to get wet once in a while.

  2. Yeah, it is neat. I don&#39;t use anything – I just dump kitchen waste in a big plastic compost bin and take the whole thing apart once a year, spreading out the partially decomposed material. For yard material, I just dump and spread. I get nice rich soil, but it probably takes longer than if I employed extra worms. <br /><br />I just fell in love with the fencing. Anyway, it seems like it may

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