Wedding Wild Suburbia

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Can’t believe I haven’t posted since May 19th! Been oh-so-busy getting the house and yard all spruced up for the big event. Thought I’d post just a few pictures of our progress.

I deconstructed the compost bin and the resident lizard was not at all impressed. In fact, she is currently contacting the appropriate government office to complain about this abrupt change in housing.


The potted sunflowers are starting to bloom. Timing – with my fingers crossed – seems just about right. I am helping them along with a bit of MiracleGrow.


And the big job that my husband completed this weekend was putting up the lights. The stakes in the ground in the picture below are where the tables will be.



We’re almost there and I think everyone is ready to get on with it!

5 thoughts on “Wedding Wild Suburbia

  1. Wonderful photographs. The backyard looks very romantic with those lights. It's going to be a beautiful wedding.

  2. I'm sure your resident lizard will find some lovely nearby accommodations. We inadvertently displaced a pair of alligator lizards ourselves this weekend, but ours now seem rather content in their new home under a fallen Douglas fir. I expect yours is still in the garden, somewhere.

  3. Thanks for the comments, Pamela and CVF. CVF I have seen so many lizards in the yard this year that I'm not too worried, but I do hate to disturb them!

  4. So glad to hear that everything is shaping up. My garden is a little wild right now, poppies haven't quite set seed but look ragged. Glad I'm not planning a wedding.

  5. How romantic! Those lights will make the wedding photos look so dreamy. <br />I transferred gobs of salamanders this afternoon in anticipation of a major sheet mulching. Poor things, but your lizard looks like she&#39;s sitting pretty on her bit of real estate!

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