Tomatoes and gripes

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I am 60 years old. I don’t usually start blog posts this way but as you will see, it is relevant.

Let me back up a little. I decided that I was going to blog about my cherry tomatoes. I planted them late this year because we returned from India at the end of May. Though it is October 5th, they are still producing, and I think that is amazing. Certainly blog-worthy.

Now, my blog has been kind of dull recently (I hear you snickering, kids). I haven’t been posting much and I haven’t gotten a whole lot of hits. Talking to my daughter I decided I needed to keep up with things, keep swimming or die. Enter the words: instagram, twitter, pinterest,, google plus, snapchat – I’m getting a head ache just writing this. So I decided to take some pictures of the tomatoes, post one on instagram, and then link it to my blog. Sounds good, right? Well, no! I took the pictures on my camera, and it turns out you can’t upload pictures to instagram from a camera. No problem, thought I, I’ll move the picture from the camera to the phone.

I am a former Windows user. I always believed that if it was a file on a digital device, I should be able to drag it anywhere. Apparently Apple does not believe in the freedom to drag. Well pooh on them, I managed to do it while we were in India – that is drag jpgs from my PC to my iPhone. Yes, it took some doing but I was able to do it – can’t remember how but the maps on my iPhone are evidence that it is (or was) possible.

Not so fast! I recently got a new computer, a MacBook Pro. I like my MacBook Pro but I do not like the fact that I cannot seem to move jpgs from it to my iPhone. I tried using LightRoom, no dice. Nikon Transfer2, uh-uh. I even tried using iTunes but I have 666 pictures on my iPhone and I don’t want to sync them all to my laptop. I created the iPhoto Library with a few pictures from my iPhone but still couldn’t drag pictures from the iPhoto Library back to the phone. I am not interested in uploading them to the Cloud, as suggested by Apple, so they can be shared among my devices, the government and corporate Apple. I want to pick the pictures I choose to share.

The more I type, the madder I get. And now the part about my age. As soon as I think I understand something, it changes. Yesterday I couldn’t find my calendar because Google moved its tab into this box with nine tiny boxes – what’s with that? I think this is a conspiracy to make all of us more senior folks go crazy. And snapchat? The pictures disappear? And furthermore, every time I type snpachat autocorrect changes it to snap chat. This is definitely a conspiracy. (Stop and breathe)

Before I say something I really regret and before I alienate all of my younger readers (are you out there?) I better return to the tomatoes. They are delicious.

Bowl of tomatoes. They are yummy and they are good for reducing stress. 
Still producing tomatoes and flowers (10/5/13)
On planting day (6/10/2013)
Planting day. I set up the automatic drip about a month later.
Timer on autodrip. Works great!
Radish seedlings next to an emitter where a tomato plant used to be. 

4 thoughts on “Tomatoes and gripes

  1. Jo

    You can create an "event" in iPhoto and move only the photos you want to sync among your devices to that event. Then in settings you can choose only that one event to sync. You could also create several special events if you want categories of photos to sync. Doing this without the cloud is another matter. I could be wrong, but I don't think your data is more vulnerable to

  2. I feel your pain. I have an android phone, and was able to get a nifty app to only move the stuff I want onto my MacBook. And the google calendar thing got me last week too. Glad to hear your garden is producing well. I have 1/4 summer squash plants still around and still producing. Pulled the tomatoes out last week. But then again, it has dipped into the 40's here at night already.

  3. Thank you, JoYouDog. Hard to believe you are 71 with such a cool name! It was easy to upload pictures to Google+ and then save them to my phone. Will try your idea of creating an event. Such nonsense because these companies want to control our info.<br /><br />Linda, sounds like you are enjoying the autumn, especially with you trip to NY.

  4. I&#39;m not much for changing with the times either, particularly since the times seem to being shorter and shorter attention spans. I&#39;ve migrated from bulletin boards to discussion groups to web pages to blogs to IMs and rejected migration to Twitter and Snapchat. Note that these are listed in both chronological order and decreasing attention span order.<br /><br />However, I don&#39;t

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