Selection and Care of California Native Plants Slide Presentation

I totally cannot believe I didn’t see this before, but here is the slide show in full, without me having to upload each and every slide. Phew! As a reminder from an earlier post, most of the information for this slide show comes from my experience growing native plants, my work at Rancho Santa Ana […]

Native Grasses, Sedges and Rush for the Garden, Part 3, References

Last night I gave a talk, Native Grasses in the Garden, for the June meeting of the Orange County Chapter of the California Native Plant Society. In my continuing effort to cut back on paper use I no longer bring handouts, but rather direct people to the website that they can get the information from. […]

Web Resources on Native Plants

Recently I gave two talks on converting your yard into a native plant paradise. During these talks I showed a slide with links to websites containing information and pictures of California native plants. There is even more information on the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden website. For these who attended my talks, and others, here’s […]