Tomatoes and gripes

I am 60 years old. I don’t usually start blog posts this way but as you will see, it is relevant. Let me back up a little. I decided that I was going to blog about my cherry tomatoes. I planted them late this year because we returned from India at the end of May. […]

Warning: For plant geeks only

Way back in 1993 a large, imposing and impressive book was published by UC Press. The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California, edited by James Hickman, was a revision of Jepson’s 1925 Manual of the Flowering Plants of California. It became the go-to reference for all serious California native plant geeks. When there were disputes about the […]

How to water established trees

I have been doing some online research on watering established trees. It is amazing how much contradictory information is out there! Some say water once or twice a week for twenty minutes, others suggest monthly for several hours at a time. As always, the reason for the spread is partly due to the fact that […]

Bear with me

Change is in the air! Although I am still in India, Wild Suburbia is not being ignored. The Weeding Wild Suburbia website is undergoing massive changes, and I must ask your forbearance as we work to get the links and content updated. It is coming. As a consequence of these changes some of the links […]

Pulling it together

As you can see I am working hard to pull together the many articles I have written on gardening with California native plants. Realizing that it is sometimes difficult even for me to find some older posts – without scrolling and scrolling and scrolling – I put together a table of blog posts and am […]

Updated Parks and Gardens

Just a quick note to say that the Parks and Gardens Featuring California Native Plants has been updated. The pdf in Weeding Wild Suburbia has also been updated. If I missed any park – and I know that I have – please let me know and I will try to get them on the list at […]

Save Our Trees

It is a sad thing when a mature tree dies and a good time to review gardening practices that will help keep our trees healthy. I did not see the Engelmann oak that fell last week in South Pasadena and cannot comment on the cause. I do know that while I was employed at Rancho […]