After the flowers

Wildflower season is “past peak” and I’d like to remind you that the glorious, youthful, bright flowers now enter the very important stage of making and dispersing seed. Though my camera is still drawn to brightly colored flowers, I try to point it at the broken stems, brown seed pods, and graying leaves that are […]

Wildflower season is over

The wildflower season is over. Annuals appeared, plants bloomed, flowers went to seed, seeds were collected, and beds were cleaned up. This year, though, was my slowest yet with regard to harvesting seeds and cleaning up the beds. The first seeds germinated around December. The peak¬†bloom occurred in March and April, though this years display […]

Veggie garden speed post

Wanted to post these pictures real quick-like. I finally got around to starting the tomato seeds that I bought from Tomato Growers Supply Company. I bought: Better Boy, Bush Early Girl, Celebrity, Sioux, Super Sweet 100. I’m not much for heirloom tomatoes. Maybe if I am super successful with these I’ll add some heirloom next […]

GB not BD

Correction: Sorry but it is Carol of May Dreams Gardens who sponsors the monthly GBBD. I’ve corrected it below. Once again, thanks go to Carol! It’s the middle of the month, Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – GBBD, (thank you, Carol) but I have decided to post a Garden Bloggers not Bloom Day. My garden does […]


All of the sunflower seeds that I planted around the yard have mysteriously disappeared. Seeing birds around I accused them of eating seeds and sprouts. And maybe they did, but the real culprit is the yucky garden slug. You want my evidence before I malign yet another peace-loving garden creature? The pots of sunflowers that […]