New native gardens are popping up

During my walks around the city of South Pasadena, I frequently come across new low water-use, native plant landscapes that I have not seen before. Surprised, I ask myself, “When did this happen?” That is just what occurred a couple of weeks ago. Check out these wonderful before and after pictures that I was able to […]

Dividing Deergrass

The nature park anniversary celebration is over. Yay! The plant sale is over. Yay! And the weather is perfect for gardening, cool and overcast. YAY!  As I walk around the yard thinking about what has worked and what hasn’t, I have lots of ideas on what I want to do. It is so exciting that […]

Disappearing lawn

A month ago when we had just returned from India, I was sitting in my office looking out the window at the front lawn. The grass on the east side of the front yard, one of the few remaining patches, is green except at the corner. Clearly that area is not getting enough water. The […]

Santa Rosa Plateau

Forty days until we are up in the air flying 10,250 miles from Los Angeles to Mumbai. I am feeling homesick already, but up for the adventure. To enjoy the best of southern California before leaving, last week I went to the Santa Rosa Plateau in Riverside County. This is an amazing place. If you […]

In the beginning

In the heat of the summer of 1999 I take pieces of scrap paper and sketch the long, narrow parkway bed on the east side of our corner lot. It is about 170 feet long and six feet wide, and covered with weedy grass. Two books, Bob Perry’s Trees and Shrubs for Dry California Landscapes, […]

Front Parkway (Part 3)

Looking back at the October posts I wrote on the front parkway project, I am feeling good about how things are progressing. On  October 19th , the weedy grass in the parkway was dug out by men younger and stronger than me. It was a pleasure to watch this part of the project proceed so […]

Front Parkway (continued)

The front parkway project continues, while I try to figure out exactly what I want. I have tossed around lots of ideas, such as: Striking, architectural succulents. A kind of modern look. Too modern? Dudleyas and juncus – odd combination, succulent and wiry, powdery gray and shiny dark green –  flowing from the front yard […]