PechuKucha, anyone?

Almost two months since my last post. Are you still out there? Well, it isn’t cause I ain’t been busy. Spent the summer in the Pacific Northwest and was relieved to get back to LA where the air is clear. Funny when our air is better than Seattle’s but that’s what happens when there are […]

Home again

We have been home for eight days after six months in India, oh my, it feels good. I promised to give an update on how my wild suburban garden did during our absence and I am happy to report that it did just fine. We left for India on December 1, entrusting our house to […]

Home Sweet Home

After being away for three weeks it is so nice to be home! Sun is shining, Milo is whining, and the yard is abuzz with bees. The plants all made it under the attentive care of my husband. The weather was cooperative but still, didn’t lose a one. Good going, Jim! Milo keeps careful watch […]