Happiness is a vegetable garden

I did not realize how much I missed gardening until I had the opportunity to get dirt under my fingernails. Yesterday I worked with volunteers from SPROUTS at St. Catherine’s Home. SPROUTS, an environmental outreach NGO, recently started a kitchen garden at this home for orphaned and at-risk girls. We spent about two hours weeding, […]

A typical city

Mumbai is about as urban a place as one can imagine. Cars, bicycles, trucks, carts, cows, people, dogs, cats, horses, motorcycles, scooters, and autorickshaws dart around in a frenetic dance that can only leave one amazed that there aren’t more – many more – collisions. The air is thick and the streets full of litter. […]


It is hard to feel at home in a new place. We are going to be in India for another five months, not long enough to become home, but too long to be vacation. TIFR (Tata Institute for Fundamental Research in Mumbai) will be our temporary home for another month, followed by two months of […]

Three things

Has it been three weeks already since we arrived in India? And not one real post about our adventures? Sorry, we are just getting ourselves oriented, and India, Mumbai especially, takes some orienting. In spite of being somewhat discombobulated, we managed to take a weekend trip – anxious to get away from the noise and […]