Indian Institute of Science

Within the bustling city of Bangalore is the venerable Indian Institute of Science (IISc). Founded in 1909, the guest house we are staying in, Centenary Visitors House, was built and named for the institution’s one hundredth anniversary. IISc is a research and higher education facility located on nearly 400 acres donated by the Maharaja of Mysore in […]

Bear with me

Change is in the air! Although I am still in India, Wild Suburbia is not being ignored. The Weeding Wild Suburbia website is undergoing massive changes, and I must ask your forbearance as we work to get the links and content updated. It is coming. As a consequence of these changes some of the links […]

Fish Poison Tree

India is a wild and dangerous place: Man-eating tigers and leopards (not to mention bears), pythons, malaria-carrying mosquitoes, insane traffic, canon ball trees, and now fish poison trees. Yesterday I narrowly averted getting killed by one of these canon balls (not really) only to learn that the cool looking fruit I found while jogging later […]

Trees at TIFR

The trees on the campus of the Tata Institute for Fundamental Research (TIFR) are truly amazing. I have not done nearly enough looking and photographing so this will be my project for our remaining two days here. To start off, check out the flowers and fruits of this tree. It is called the canon ball tree (Couroupita […]

Colaba Market

Happened upon this wonderful market in Colaba today. The produce looked amazing, though the surroundings were not up to American standards. I bought tiny bananas, oranges and a pomegranate. Have tasted the bananas which were delicious. Colaba Market Modern and less modern people shop and work here. A goat wanders around as women stock up […]