Santa Rosa Plateau

Forty days until we are up in the air flying 10,250 miles from Los Angeles to Mumbai. I am feeling homesick already, but up for the adventure. To enjoy the best of southern California before leaving, last week I went to the Santa Rosa Plateau in Riverside County. This is an amazing place. If you […]

Poodle-dogs in the San Gabriel Mts.

Friday, June 3, 2011, was a big day. Not only was it my anniversary, but the Angeles Crest Highway reopened, nearly two years after the August 29, 2009 Station Fire. Following the opening, the road was crazy. People on motorcycles, bicycles and in cars streamed to this beloved wildland area. Sirens told of recklessness leading […]

Action Needed to Save Arcadia Woodland

After seeing on Saturday the oak/sycamore woodland slated for destruction I posted my take on what I learned walking through the woods with an LA County employee who had the unpleasant task of giving a tour to a group of environmentally-minded and knowledgeable folks. This really needs to be stopped. The email sent by Cam […]

A Vacation of Highs and Lows

We don’t do it for the food. The Raspberry Crumble looks worse than it tastes, though the freeze-dried eggs looked and tasted disgusting. The tent looks cute but a bed beats out a sleeping bag and a thermorest pad. The mosquitoes certainly don’t make this a better way to spend a vacation. And sometimes the […]

Trip to Baja

I can’t believe it has been over two weeks since my last post. And a busy two weeks indeed. I was fortunate to be able to join a Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden botany trip to Baja California. The purpose of the trip is to develop a field guide to dominant plants in California quail […]

Lytle Creek Middle Fork Trail

(Note: I have been trying not to edit my work after I post so that those of you who have an RSS feed don’t get repeated wildsuburbia listings but… I left out something really important. The drive to the trailhead from the road is 2.9 miles of rutted and rocky, gut-jiggling fun. I’m sure it […]