PechuKucha, anyone?

Almost two months since my last post. Are you still out there? Well, it isn’t cause I ain’t been busy. Spent the summer in the Pacific Northwest and was relieved to get back to LA where the air is clear. Funny when our air is better than Seattle’s but that’s what happens when there are […]

LA Arboretum: Wild Suburbia – Learning to Garden with Native Plants

Looking to transform your traditional, high-water-use yard into a peaceful habitat garden abounding with biodiversity? Barbara Eisenstein, author of Wild Suburbia: Learning to Garden with Native Plants, will discuss the joys and challenges of tending a native garden and sign copies of her books. Barbara is research associate at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, horticulture […]

South Pas Beautiful: Inviting Butterflies into the Garden with Native Plants

Butterflies and Moths of North America (BAMONA) lists 144 verified butterfly species sightings for Los Angeles County alone. Some are rare and endangered, others only occur in our local region. Barbara Eisenstein will suggest native plants and gardening techniques from her new book, Wild Suburbia – Learning to Garden with Native Plants, that will attract […]