Back-to-school used to mean to me shopping for pencils, notebooks and backpacks, and one last trip to the beach. Now that I am an empty-nester it means something new. It means nature park volunteers – YAAAY! (See pictures below.) Student volunteers,August 2013 High school student volunteers The teacher of the AP Environmental Science class  in our local […]

Golf Course Driving Range Expansion

The golf course driving range extension debacle exemplifies the way our city conducts business, and why residents of this city are so frustrated with governance. As a reminder, Donovan Brothers, the new manager of the golf course, refused to sign the long term lease agreement with the city unless it included a clause allowing them […]

City Council Action Item 19: Driving Range Extension

Hope to see you at tonight’s city council meeting (starts at 7:30 PM) where the extension of the driving range is on the agenda as action item #19. For background information check out page 243 in the attached pdf (thanks to Drew Ready for bringing to our attention): Several other blogs have taken up […]

Driving Range Extension on City Council Agenda

Follow up on the driving range extension into land adjacent to the South Pasadena Nature Park. The driving range extension is item #19 on the City Council agenda for Wednesday, April 6, 2011. City Council/CRA0410611 1Page 3Action Items & Items Pulled from Consent Calendar 19. Discussion and direction regarding the extension of the Driving Range […]