Driving east

Did you ever feel like getting in the car and just driving east? You know, leaving the errands behind and crossing the whole country? Maybe it is the extreme heat we have been experiencing. Maybe it is the pull of my family, my daughter, son, sister, brother, in-laws, nieces, nephews… they are all back east. […]

Stylishly hot

It is hot outside! Too hot to garden. In fact, too hot for lettuce. Yesterday afternoon the lettuce and peppers looked as wilted as I felt, and it was only 93 degrees! The forecast was for triple digits. So I grabbed the clothes dryer and set it up over the lettuce which responded to the […]

Happiness is a vegetable garden

I did not realize how much I missed gardening until I had the opportunity to get dirt under my fingernails. Yesterday I worked with volunteers from SPROUTS at St. Catherine’s Home. SPROUTS, an environmental outreach NGO, recently started a kitchen garden at this home for orphaned and at-risk girls. We spent about two hours weeding, […]

It’s alive!

So nice to be home. Traveling is wonderful, but it feels so good to sleep in one’s own bed. Maybe that is why going away is so great – to appreciate home that much more. I promised to report back on how everything did during our three-week absence. Well I am happy to say, everything […]