Parkway Gardening Class at Nopalito

On Saturday, August 21, 2010, I enjoyed giving a class at Nopalito Native Plant Nursery on parkway gardening with California native plants. The group was wonderful – engaged, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. (As always the presentation and a list of the plants shown on each slide can be found on my website, WeedingWildSuburbia. Please note: The […]

Theodore Payne Foundation Annual Garden Tour

Some gardens were small and intimate; others grand and stately. Some were private and restful; others exuberantly displayed their spring colors for all to see. Some were quirky and fun; others elegant and understated. Some were merely a couple of years old; others have been growing and evolving for ten times as long. Some were […]

Age Happens

News flash – I’m not as young as I used to be! Today I finally had a chance to work in the garden. I cleaned off the deck that my husband is working hard to dismantle. Yup, moving pots, clearing up garden debris, digging and turning the compost pile, weeding, snipping and otherwise puttering around […]