Monkeyflowers Peak Too Soon

Arghh! The monkeyflowers (Mimulus aurantiacus and cultivars) are looking great, but a month too early. I had hoped that they would hold off a bit longer and be blooming for the wedding. I expected the globe gilia (Gilia capitata) to be finished, but was hoping the Margarita BOP penstemon (Penstemon heterophyllus ‘Margarita BOP’) wouldn’t be […]

Springtime Peak in the Garden

We just returned from a short trip to the desert. Didn’t really see many wildflowers though it was truly beautiful nonetheless. We went to the Mojave National Preserve. It was a bit early for flowers but we saw some of the most amazing Joshua Tree forests that we have ever seen. More on that in […]

January Highlights

Yes I know it is February but I seem to running behind in my garden posts. Luckily I am not running too far behind in the garden. With 124 days until the backyard wedding I have been busy seeding clay pots with wildflowers, making monkeyflower cuttings, weeding (a bit), digging out some old plants that […]

December Highlights

December is the height of the gardening season in California, yet looking back over what I have posted this month there is little on what I am doing in my garden. I’ve written about what’s blooming and fruiting at Rancho, disease attacks walnut trees, visit to Station Fire burn area of the San Gabriel Mountains, […]

Good to be Back in the Garden

From Wild Suburbia After being away for a week it was nice to find that most of my container plants made it with the timer and overhead sprinkler (see Container Plants on Time for a description of the set up). The timer was set to go off on Monday, Thursday and Saturday for 18 minutes […]

Garden Textures

The parkway garden continues to wind down. Now the long graceful flowering stems of the grasses take the limelight. After walking Milo this morning I just had to run inside and get my camera to capture the look. It was overcast from the marine layer, so I knew the grasses would show up well. Mom […]

Container Plant Photo for GGW

From Containers I spent several hours photographing containers in my yard and settled on this one for the Gardening Gone Wild May Photo Competition. It is a picture of three glazed pots, all with California native plants in them. The only one really visible is the woodland strawberry (Fragaria vesca ssp. californica ‘Montana de Oro’) […]

Parkway Garden Will Stay – for now

Many of you followed the story of the city citation for my wildflower parkway garden. If you didn’t you can read about it here. To make a long story short, a neighbor called the city to report that our garden was out of compliance with the city parkway landscape improvement ordinance. According to that ordinance […]