Make room for the young

The avocado tree is gone. Fortunately, the heat wave is over. Nevertheless, my office located upstairs in the front of our south-facing house, gets very hot in the afternoon. Anyone who ever doubted the cooling effect of properly placed trees should come to our house. That old avocado tree made the house far more comfortable […]

Natives, great. Edibles, eh.

It is officially autumn. Yes, it reached the upper 80s here in beautiful Southern California, but I know that it is autumn because most of my tomato plants are brown skeletons that could have (should have) been removed weeks ago. A few are still producing cherry tomatoes but the basil has all bolted and withered. […]

Happy Holidays

In the last blog post I left you (or rather, me) holding a decanted plant, roots exposed to the elements. Alas, I hope no one has been waiting for the past two weeks for the next set of instructions on how to dig a hole and put it in. As you may expect from the […]

Home again

We have been home for eight days after six months in India, oh my, it feels good. I promised to give an update on how my wild suburban garden did during our absence and I am happy to report that it did just fine. We left for India on December 1, entrusting our house to […]

Container plants in Mumbai

I have spent enough time on this. Does anyone know how to use a flickr slideshow, as I have done here, but include the description (and not the title) of each slide at the bottom? Anyway, the descriptions and titles show on the upper, right. You may have to click on the slide. I think […]

It’s alive!

So nice to be home. Traveling is wonderful, but it feels so good to sleep in one’s own bed. Maybe that is why going away is so great – to appreciate home that much more. I promised to report back on how everything did during our three-week absence. Well I am happy to say, everything […]

But is it really low-maintenance?

Before leaving for Baja last week I was hard at work setting up drip lines for potted tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and native perennials. Cautiously – because this is a sensitive subject – my husband mentioned that my gardening is a lot of work. Well it isn’t work to me but when I give talks I […]

The Wedding

Although most of the country is reaching its peak flowering season, those of us who garden with native plants here in the LA Basin, are long past peak. And so it was a challenge to have lots of flowers for my son’s backyard wedding last weekend. With extra watering, help from mother nature with some […]

7 in bloom, 3 ready to go

With less than a week to go, there are seven potted sunflowers in bloom. And several more are just about there. Each morning I check the pots, watering those that are dry, especially on hot days like today and tomorrow. The mammoth sunflowers have large buds and I really hope they pop before next weekend! […]