Garden Peace

Following the destruction of Arcadia Woodland, we now find the LA County Department of Public Works continuing on its path to dump more sediment on habitat, in accordance with plans made in the 1950s. One can only hope that they will reconsider and seriously investigate other ways to dispose of the sediment from the dams. […]

Arcadia revisited

On Monday, January 31st I attended the LA County Department of Public Works (DPW) Sediment Management Strategic Plan, Task Force Meeting. Quite a mouthful! Held at 2 PM on a Monday, they clearly were not concerned about the fact that many people have day jobs. Still I went with the hope that something good could […]

Call Supervisor Antonovich

Passing along another email suggesting that we call TODAY, asking that the Arcadia Woodlands issue be put on the Supplemental Agenda for Tuesday’s meeting: Thanks, Jerry. I just called Antonovich’s office and left a messageasking the Supervisor to place the preservation of the ArcadiaWoodlands on the Supplemental Agenda of the BofS’s meeting this comingTuesday. The […]

Things are looking bad for Arcadia Woodlands

The following email was sent out this morning. Apparently the LA County Department of Public Works is going ahead with destruction of the Arcadia Woodlands – chain saws scheduled to start on Wednesday. From: Joshua LinkDate: 1/7/2011, 11:17 AM.Heads up… see the forwarded message below. Quick background: As part of the 30-day moratorium, the L.A. […]

30-Day Moratorium Ends

Today is a special day. Today at midnight ends the 30-day moratorium set by the County Board of Supervisors on the Santa Anita Dam Sediment Construction Project. The moratorium that stood between the destruction of a rare, lovely piece of oak/sycamore woodland, dubbed Arcadia Woodlands, will end. Time is late, but it is not too […]