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All of the sunflower seeds that I planted around the yard have mysteriously disappeared. Seeing birds around I accused them of eating seeds and sprouts. And maybe they did, but the real culprit is the yucky garden slug.

You want my evidence before I malign yet another peace-loving garden creature? The pots of sunflowers that I started weeks ago have been doing great until last week. While watering I noticed that four pots were empty. A closer look revealed the tell-tale shiny trail made by these slimy critters… and a decapitated seedling. And of course I found the culprits themselves hiding under the pots. I really don’t like slugs!!!

Where did the seedling go?

There it is, minus its leaves.

After taking this picture I put all of the smaller pots on tables off the ground.
Last Modified on March 24, 2015
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8 thoughts on “SLUGS!

  1. Barbara,<br />We had problems with slugs last year, not this year so far. I read on a blog that you can sprinkle oatmeal out for them, they eat it and it expands and kills them.

  2. I think they are plentiful due to the continued late rains. Also I don&#39;t usually plant so many seeds. I must say, there is something very appealing – in a morbid sort of way – about feeding these critters until they explode. Sounds better than just squishing them, like I do now. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Yep, it&#39;s the rain. I see quite a few of them out here as well. So far, they haven&#39;t touched the sunflowers, but I&#39;m nervous…

  4. TM – once the plants get past the cotyledon stage they seem to be okay. Let me know how it goes.

  5. What jerks! The oatmeal idea does sound tempting, but is the effect diminished as you water the garden (and by default the sprinkled oatmeal?) I&#39;ll have to try it since it&#39;s much cheaper than sluggo!

  6. Good luck with moving your pots off the ground. When I did more greenhouse growing I&#39;d encounter the slugs nestled underneath the pots, near the moist drain holes. It&#39;s staggering how much damage a very few of these critters can do overnight.

  7. Around the midwest few slugs means few fireflies. The larvae eat slugs by stunning them. Moist soil with lots of decaying matter is where fireflies breed best.<br /> We get a bit of slug damage worse in really wet years but not so bad that I even bother killing them anymore. I love the fireflies.

  8. I love fireflies too and miss them terribly – we don&#39;t get them here. The sunflowers in the pots are big enough now that I don&#39;t really have to worry about the slugs, and it has gotten hotter and drier so the problem is diminishing. I come from the east coast and really miss fireflies. They are so magical.

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