Selection and Care of California Native Plants Slide Presentation

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I totally cannot believe I didn’t see this before, but here is the slide show in full, without me having to upload each and every slide. Phew! As a reminder from an earlier post, most of the information for this slide show comes from my experience growing native plants, my work at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, and the book, Care & Maintenance of Southern California Native Plant Gardens by Bart O’Brien, Betsey Landis and Ellen Mackey, 2006. Information from this book is referenced with the abbreviation C&M and a page number. Direct quotes are in italics. Enjoy! And if you see anything that you have questions about – or about which you question – please leave a comment.

5 thoughts on “Selection and Care of California Native Plants Slide Presentation

  1. Great info. And thank you so much for the image on planting a tree. Now if could just be required reading before people plant trees. I have had to deal with so many deeply planted trees. I think people's first plants are tomatoes nd they assume every plant should be planted 6 inches too deep.

  2. lostlandscape (James)

    What a great post–It makes me sorry I wasn't there for the official lecture. So many presentations I've attended have dealt with specific aspects of native plant gardening, but I like that you've prepared a very thorough collection of things to keep in mind. As a library person, I'm especially appreciative of your bibliography at the end.

  3. Thanks Brad and James. Brad, I have seen what planting a tree too deep can do. While working at Rancho I was asked to come to a house with a dead Engelmann oak (the tree was purchased at Rancho) to help determine what went wrong. The person I was with started digging around the base, and yes indeed, the crown was buried way too deep.

  4. James, glad you enjoyed the slides. The bibliography is a bit old so hopefully I'll get a chance to add a few new resources when I get back. It is nice to see what resources people use!

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