On the other side of the globe

As my attention turns from the New World to the very old world (India), I reluctantly shift my eyes from deergrass, monkeyflower, and coast live oak to the native plants of India. This, however, begs the question: What are the native plants of India? In fact, in an area with evidence of ancient cities, thousands […]

Three things

Has it been three weeks already since we arrived in India? And not one real post about our adventures? Sorry, we are just getting ourselves oriented, and India, Mumbai especially, takes some orienting. In spite of being somewhat discombobulated, we managed to take a weekend trip – anxious to get away from the noise and […]

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Bringing homesick to a new level

After yesterday’s lengthy plant-centric post, it is nice to turn my attention to our temporary home here in Bangalore. We have been living in the Centenary Visitors House (guest house) of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) since March 30, with a return date of May 28. Homesick has new meaning to me! Bangalore – […]

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Wild Suburbia – native plant gardening

After many years, lots of writing and rewriting, and tons of rejections, it is finally out! In August, Heyday Books released my book, Wild Suburbia – Learning to Garden with Native Plants. And now a new chapter begins – promotion. Not my favorite thing to do, although the first book talk and signing, held on […]

Shedding Light on the Gold

Last weekend was the Theodore Payne Foundation Garden Tour. It was wonderful showing off my garden and speaking with like-minded nature lovers. And the volunteer docents provided by Theodore Payne Foundation were excellent – knowledgeable, fun, and helpful. Thanks to Jennifer and Anita! Anyway, during the day I was asked which native plant in my […]

Sorcerer’s Apprentice

The music has been going through my head all day. This morning I decided the irrigation system was due for a tune-up. Starting early, I worked and worked, moving, lifting and adjusting sprinkler heads. And then after hours of work, I got to conduct the irrigation system, using my iphone, no less. It was so […]

Home again

We have been home for eight days after six months in India, oh my, it feels good. I promised to give an update on how my wild suburban garden did during our absence and I am happy to report that it did just fine. We left for India on December 1, entrusting our house to […]