Native Gardens Sprouting Up All Over LA

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The Parks and Gardens Featuring Native Plants list in the last blog post has been updated. I will continue to update that list and rather than reposting new lists I will include the date of the changes in the original post. I have not yet updated the pdf list on the website but I will, including the version date there as well.

I’d like to call attention to the amazing work of Amigos de los Rios in creating new native parks, sustainable and native plant retrofits, and school gardens in the Emerald Necklace, geographically defined by the Rio Hondo, San Gabriel and Los Angeles Rivers. I am working on compiling this info and there will be about a dozen more parks added once I have it done.

Thought I’d include a few pictures of some of the amazing gardens that will be – or are – on the list:

Trail in Lashbrook Park in December 2011. Western sycamores, sagebrush, buckwheat, coast live oaks, toyons, etc. line the trail. (Please excuse the quality of the image, I took these with my Iphone.)
Lashbrook Park, etched rock with map of Emerald Necklace. Blue-gray stems are matilija poppies. (12/2011)
Lashbrook Park, oaks, bladder pod, toyon in berry. (12/2011)
Maloof Foundation Discovery Garden, May 2012. The foundation  plants include mulefat and sagebrush. This is one of the nicest displays of important habitat plants being used in a very aesthetically pleasing way! Swale collects runoff from building needed to keep water-loving yerba mansa alive.
Maloof Foundation Discovery Garden, May 2012. The foundation  plants, mulefat, sagebrush, and yerba mansa from different angle.
Maloof Foundation Discovery Garden, May 2012. Buckwheat and blooming De La Mina verbena. I think the succulent is dasylirion, not chaparral yucca, though I’m not sure.

And finally, have a look at a 2009 blog post of Prisk School Garden. So so little time and so many gardens to see.

Please, keep the suggestions coming. I will try to update every week or so.

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  1. Thank you for assembling the list. It's a great checklist for planning side trips around the region–It looks like I have a few more places to check out.

  2. Hi James. There will be many more for the list. If you stumble on any that I miss, please put the info in a comment so I can add it to the list. Thanks, Barbara

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