In the Garden

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What’s Happening In My Garden

The following bimonthly image galleries show what is happening in Wild Suburbia. There is a calendar of garden tasks at the bottom of the page.

May and June 2015 (click image for slideshow)

April and May 2015 (click image for slideshow)

Calendar of Gardening Tasks

  • January: Continue Dec. activities, weed, weed, weed some more.
  • February: Plant more wildflower seed in pots, harvest lettuce and plant more, remove, make monkeyflower cuttings; keep after garden spurge, chickweed, and other weeds.
  • March: Seed garden with sunflowers, repot container plants, rake deergrass and alkali sacaton, weed, remove some lawn.
  • April: Remove weeds before they set seed, start removing spent wildflowers including nasturtium, tend pots, attend garden tours, enjoy spring wildflowers; if rain was sparse, water trees deeply, allow lawn to go dry; check irrigation system for areas that will require it, plant tomatoes.
  • May: Remove annual wildflowers, harvest seed, leave some for the birds. Check automated sprinklers, sprinkler heads, etc.  Set up automated drip irrigation for tomatoes.
  • June: Harvest first tomatoes (Early Girl); Continue tidying up parkway, harvest seed.
  • July: Deep water parkway garden; harvest herbs, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries; cut back dormant needlegrass, deadhead Cleveland sage, prune wild grape from trees.
  • August: Prune young oak trees for structure, weed bermuda grass from parkway garden, control wild grape by pruning.
  • September: Remove tomato plants, sow edible peas, prepare beds for upcoming planting season.
  • October: Remove spurge, cut back sage, cut dry grass flowers.
  • November: Thin Ribes speciosum thicket; weed petty spurge, purchase and plant native plants.
  • December: Harvest, eat and give away avocados; plant new perennials, sow wildflower seeds, weed out spurge and nasturtium, enjoy the garden.