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I haven’t participated in Carol’s monthly Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day posts for quite some time. Too busy. But April cannot be missed! It has been a beautiful spring. So when I realized it was the 15th and my taxes were mailed I grabbed the camera and this is what I got.

Heuchera rubescens ‘Yosemite’

Cranefly on Mimulus ‘Eleanor’. There have been an abundance of these insects this year, especially near this monkeyflower. Don’t know why.

Chinese houses (Collinsia heterophylla).

Nolina parryi is covered with bees, as always.

The oh-so photogenic globe gilia (Gilia capitata).

Blue-eyed grass (Sisyrinchium bellum) is finishing up and the remaining flowers are much more purple than the earlier blooms.

And there will be grapes on Roger’s Red grape.

Wildflower mix with globe gilia, poppies, tidytips and desert mallow.


Tidytips (Layia platyglossa).

Can’t remember which seaside daisy (Erigeron glauca) this is.

Small flowers on coffeeberry (Rhamnus californica ‘Eve Case’) will become showy berries in the summer.

California Glory flannel bush (Fremontodendron ‘California Glory’) with backdrop of non-native Chinese fringe tree (Chinanthus retusus).

Pacific Coast Hybrid iris.

Honeybee on California Glory flannel bush flower.

Ending where I started with a Wendy coral bell (Heuchera ‘Wendy’) with the brickred garage as a background color.

10 thoughts on “GBBD – April

  1. I like that shot of the fremontodendron with the Chinese fringe tree. And I've never seen anything like that Pacific coast hybrid iris. Very interesting.

  2. I didn&#39;t even realize what Chinese houses looked like – and they are growing in my garden from a wildflower mix this year! ;^)<br /><br />Thanks! Wondered what they were…

  3. Oh, I&#39;m envious. I bought some tidy tips seed, and globe gilia, and poppies last fall from Larner. I still have them here. We had so much going on in the orchard, I didn&#39;t get a chance to plant them yet, so now I have to wait until fall. I&#39;m encouraged to see them growing so well for you though! Hopefully I&#39;ll see mine next spring…

  4. Hang on sweet flowers, and that lucky son and almost daughter-in-law will have a lovely garden wedding in hopefully not too many weeks!

  5. What a gorgeous wildflower mix! I have about half those same species in my yard, but your mix looks like a proper meadow while mine loos like a narrow border.

  6. I&#39;m sighing with contentment, gorgeous show! I just bought an Erigeron &#39;Wayne Roderick&#39; yesterday and they look remarkably like your mystery one, although I don&#39;t think I&#39;ve met &#39;Cape Sebastian&#39; and it could be that one, too.

  7. Christine – I just pulled out my planting log and I think it is Erigeron glaucus &#39;Bountiful&#39;. E. &#39;Wayne Roderick&#39; is a much deeper purple and it is a bit more upright. You probably have E. &#39;W.R.&#39; Yes, there is a &#39;W.R.&#39; (which stands for Wayne Roderick) and &#39;Wayne Roderick&#39;, and they are different. Could it be more confusing?

  8. What a great collection — and you&#39;re so far ahead of me. My Chinese Houses and Gilia are still just budding, and even one ceanothus is not in bloom yet. Ah, the joys of a shade garden. <br /><br />Happy Bloom Day!

  9. Gracious, Barbara thanks for setting me straight! I guess now its time for me to wiki Mr. Wayne Roderick to learn why he seems to be the patron saint of Erigeron.

  10. TM – wish things weren&#39;t so far along here and hope that something is in bloom in mid June! I saw your blog post and for us usually the irises come after the gilia, Chinese houses even later. <br /><br />Yeah, the Erigeron cultivars are mostly a mystery to me, though Wayne Roderick is actually kind of distinct. It took me some time to sort through the ones I sort of know… Pretty is pretty,

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