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Wild Suburbia – Learning to Garden with Native Plants, By Barbara Eisenstein

Wild Suburbia - Learning to garden with native plants

Wild Suburbia guides us through the process of transforming a traditional, high water-use yard into a peaceful habitat garden abounding with native plants. Author Barbara Eisenstein emphasizes that gardening is a rewarding activity rather than a finished product, from removing lawns and getting in touch with a yard’s climate to choosing plants and helping them thrive. Supplementing her advice with personal stories from her decades of experience working with native plants, Eisenstein illuminates the joys of tending a native garden—and assures us that any challenges, from managing pests to disapproving neighbors, should never sap the enjoyment out of a pleasurable and fulfilling hobby. For plant lovers curious about their own ecosystems, Wild Suburbia offers a style of gardening that nurtures biodiversity, deepens connection to place, and encourages new and seasoned gardeners alike to experiment and have fun. ~~Heyday Books

How to

Download pdfs with tips on how to remove lawns, water native plants, where to get natives, and much more

Plant Lists

Find plant list for gardens with clay soil, moist gardens, under oaks and more


Powerpoint presentations from previous talks

Plant ID

Common Southern California native plants and weeds

Native Plant Nurseries

Where to get your native plants in Southern California

Where to See Native Plants

Botanic gardens, demonstration gardens, nurseries and other great places to see native plants

In the Garden

What’s happening in my garden. Tasks by season, slideshows


Links to sites with great information on gardening with native plants, and fun and informative blogs.

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