Twenty winters have passed since we moved to Southern California, and my blood – thin to start with – has only gotten runnier. I know this because we are spending a few weeks this December in the Pacific Northwest. We packed our winter coats, sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, gloves, hats, and scarves. Temperatures here have been in

Starting a new garden

Starting a new garden is big. It fills me with enthusiasm, excitement, and joy. However, this act of optimism has another side. In a time when Facebook highlights only the positive moments and feelings of our lives, let’s be honest, the enthusiasm, excitement, and joy we post about is usually accompanied by nervousness, weariness, and

New beginnings

Missed this week’s brutal heatwave. Instead, my husband and I are spending our first days and nights on Orcas Island in our new vacation home. We took possession last Wednesday and will be returning to So Cal next Wednesday. It has been very exciting but beneath it all I have the nagging feeling that I am