It rained – time to plant

Trying to catch the moment between the all day drizzle yesterday and the forecasted heavy rain tomorrow, I went to the nature park with the following ten new plants: 1 – 1g white sage (Salvia apiana) 1 – 1g buckwheat (Eriogonum fasciculatum var. foliosum), collected from Verdugo Mts. 1 – 1g monkeyflower (Mimulus aurantiacus var.


Road my bicycle to the train station, parked it, took Gold Line to Chinatown and walked from there to the not-so-grand Grand Park, ate ice cream, walked to Pershing Square, took Red Line to Gold Line, back to South Pasadena and road my bike home. Yes, I know CicLAvia is supposed to encourage bicycling but


Good habitat requires more than a group of native plants. To understand what makes good habitat it is important to look at the garden from the perspective of the wildlife you wish to attract.Habitat provides conditions in which animals can live, reproduce, and raise their young. These include: 1) food, for both adult and young,

Bear with me

Change is in the air! Although I am still in India, Wild Suburbia is not being ignored. The Weeding Wild Suburbia website is undergoing massive changes, and I must ask your forbearance as we work to get the links and content updated. It is coming. As a consequence of these changes some of the links

A typical city

Mumbai is about as urban a place as one can imagine. Cars, bicycles, trucks, carts, cows, people, dogs, cats, horses, motorcycles, scooters, and autorickshaws dart around in a frenetic dance that can only leave one amazed that there aren’t more – many more – collisions. The air is thick and the streets full of litter.

Be back soon

We have been traveling since July 8th and are scheduled to return home in two days. It has been a great trip but, as is usually the case, as we near the end I am more than ready to come home. As my thoughts turn westward through nine time zones, I decided to have a