Action Needed to Save Arcadia Woodland

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After seeing on Saturday the oak/sycamore woodland slated for destruction I posted my take on what I learned walking through the woods with an LA County employee who had the unpleasant task of giving a tour to a group of environmentally-minded and knowledgeable folks. This really needs to be stopped. The email sent by Cam Stone that is quoted below provides information on what you can do to help.

The LA County Board of Supervisors’ next meeting is Tuesday, Dec. 7 (tomorrow) at 9:30 am. We need to deluge the office of Mike Antonovich with emails, letters and calls. Mr. Antonovich, according to the LA Times, will be asking for a 30 day stay on the destruction of the Arcadia Woodlands at tomorrow’s meeting. We need to make sure he does that. Try to get someone from his office to come out and see the Woodlands.

Mike Antonovich’s contact page is at: If anyone has the time to actually go to the Supervisors Meeting – Great!

The Arcadia City Council will be meeting Tuesday evening, Dec. 7 at 6;00 pm. I will be going to that meeting to ask the council why they have taken no interest in preserving Arcadia’s natural heritage. (The city of Arcadia had no representation at the Walk Through on Saturday). The more support we have at the Arcadia Council Meeting the better.

If anyone is aware of how to designate an area as a wilderness or open space conservancy we desperately need your help. This is the only way Glen and I know of that will provide long term protection to the Arcadia Woodlands.

Jessica Hall from LA Creek Freak suggests:

You can let your Supervisor know how you feel about this:

D1: Gloria Molina:
SD2: Mark Ridley-Thomas:
SD3: Zev Yaroslavsky:
SD4:For Don Knabe: Aaron Nevarez handles enviro/public works
SD5: Mike Antonovich:

And finally, David Czamanske, Vic Chair, Pasadena Group of Sierra Club, suggests the following in his email message:

It would be very helpful if individuals communicate your concerns directly to Supervisor Antonovich’s office in LA. Ask for his chief of staff, Tony Bell, or his planning director, Paul Novak.

8 thoughts on “Action Needed to Save Arcadia Woodland

  1. and write letters to the editor at the LA Times, following up on their article. If they get enough letters, they may publish a few.

  2. Anonymous

    I&#39;d suggest you contact Friends of Edgewood. They managed to make an area slated for golf courses a nature preserve. Took a few decades, but there you are….<br /><br /><br /><br />Town Mouse (sorry, not time to sign in)

  3. Barbara,<br /><br />Is the EIR public?<br /><br />Drew

  4. Drew – not sure, but I think it is. Rebecca Latta knows all about this. Do you have her email? Here is what she said in an email:<br /><br />LA County: Many alternatives were considered for the project and several community meetings were held. The initial Scoping meeting was held on July 7, 2007. The Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was approved by the County Board of Supervisors during

  5. I am assuming there are no chemicals in this silt — making it pure gold for gardeners and landscapers. Why are we treating this nutrient-rich natural resource like garbage? At the very least I can&#39;t believe the county doesn&#39;t have projects going where they could reuse this topsoil.<br /><br />The state of Illinois and the Army Corps of Engineers has been experimenting with recycling

  6. Forgot to mention:<br />The Los Angeles Department of Public Works has links to their reports on the Santa Anita Reservoir Sediment Removal Project on their website.<br /><br /><br />It makes interesting reading!

  7. Anonymous

    It makes my heart hurt too. &#39;Emo&#39; is A Good Thing if it stops an action like this one! <br />I live far away but I wrote to all of the supervisors, hoping I might help to save such a beautiful woodland and I also alerted a S. CA friend.<br />Good luck to the trees and critters and to all of you who are trying to preserve it.<br />Cynthia

  8. Anonymous

    While all the attention has been on Arcadia, the Dept of Public Works has been removing ALL trees in the Big Tujunga Wash between Wentworth and Wheatland, stating it is for a mitigation project. This was never made public. It is devastating to look at the destruction of these trees that have been here for years. In addition, they have utilized chemicals and left the heeps of waste in the

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