Lawn out. Wildflowers in.

When you peel off a layer of turf grass, the soil beneath is often compacted, depleted of nutrients and life, and polluted with salts and other chemicals. These chemicals may have accumulated from ongoing applications of fertilizers and pesticides. Or possibly, poor irrigation practices – short, frequent watering periods – that leave behind salts found […]

Wildflowers near Gorman

On Wednesday I went with Colleen Wheeler, RSABG grounds staff, to collect wildflowers for the annual Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Wildflower Show. Equipped with collecting permits, ziplock bags, coolers, ice and clippers, we made our way to Gorman and beyond. The best displays were seen early in the day on Bear Mountain Blvd, east […]

Wildflowers in the Desert

From DeathValley Select True, the wildflowers were not spectacular, but the desert never disappoints. It was truly beautiful! This picture was taken at Red Rock Canyon last weekend. From a distance the scalebud (Anisocoma acaulis) gave the hillside an almost chartreuse color – kind of neon yellow. From DeathValley Select Sunrise at Whitney Portal Road […]

Web Resources on Native Plants

Recently I gave two talks on converting your yard into a native plant paradise. During these talks I showed a slide with links to websites containing information and pictures of California native plants. There is even more information on the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden website. For these who attended my talks, and others, here’s […]

In the Garden

What’s Happening In My Garden There are slideshows with pictures of seasonal garden tasks in Wild Suburbia below the following list. Check out my book, Wild Suburbia – Learning to Garden with Native Plants,¬†for more gardening information. Gardening Tasks by Season PLANTING SEASON (November through February) Weed out petty and garden spurge, oxalis, nasturtium, other […]