Irrigation Basics – Controllers

June is irrigation month at Wild Suburbia. Here in Southern California, cool, wet weather is ending and it is likely we will not have any measurable rain for the next six months. This is the time of year that I check the tubes and emitters of the drip systems for leaks. I set off each station of […]

Garden care while you travel (Part 2)

The garden prep for our summer absence has been paying off. Yesterday my daughter took me on a virtual garden tour on Facetime. Things are looking good! The native sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) are amazing, reaching 6-7 ft. tall. And the tomato plants have held up well through the heat wave with temperatures in excess of […]

Tree Care, Part 3: Caring for Mature Trees

Mature trees are the gems of any landscape. They symbolize permanence and stability, two characteristics sorely missing in the world today. Planting a tree is an optimistic act evincing confidence in the future; protecting one demonstrates respect for the past; and appreciating one displays a joie de vivre. Engelmann oak (Sept. 2002) I have already […]

Sorcerer’s Apprentice

The music has been going through my head all day. This morning I decided the irrigation system was due for a tune-up. Starting early, I worked and worked, moving, lifting and adjusting sprinkler heads. And then after hours of work, I got to conduct the irrigation system, using my iphone, no less. It was so […]

Irrigation overload

I am sorry if this is TMI but there are some pretty cool things happening in Wild Suburbia with regard to irrigation. As always, I am making these changes to keep native and nonnative plants (especially trees) healthy, while using water efficiently. And I want to do this when we are home and away. We […]

Irritation – Irrigation

Only one letter off and not sure which word is best for this post. Nevertheless, I got it done. Today I finally set up a drip irrigation system for my tomatoes using an Orbit hose faucet timer. In this front yard veggie garden there are six tomato plants (Early Girl, Better Boy, San Diego, Sun Gold), one […]

More drip irrigation

A bit over a month ago I set up drip for the tomato plants. They have been doing great on 15 minutes of drip, every other day. There are two emitters per plant, 1g per minute. So that’s about 1/2 gallon per plant per watering session. When I installed it, I set the timer for 2x per […]

Drip irrigation for backyard trees

I left you at the end of my last blog post with a cliff hanger. I showed a picture of  four Rain Bird valves with combination DIG filter/pressure regulators and hoses hanging off the bottom. Bet you were sitting on the edge of your chairs – lounge chairs in the garden with mojitos in hand, I hope – waiting […]

How much time does it take?

One of my biggest goals at Wild Suburbia is to hone my lazy-gardening skills. I know that my family laughs when I talk about how little time I spend in the garden. Yes, it is true that sometimes a quick fifteen minutes in the garden is two hours by the clock. After all, I am […]

Summer Water

Are you ready for the 4th of July? Here in southern California the weather finally figured out it is summer and the highs are predicted to climb into the triple digits. As I succumb to the dry heat, I am sorely tempted to water my native plants. After all, it is hard to believe they […]