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Each month volunteers weed and clean up in the South Pasadena Nature Park. Join us to meet your neighbors, enjoy the park, and make your community a better place.

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Wildflowers are on display. Check the Theodore Payne Foundation Wild Flower Hotline and the California Native Plant Society Facebook Page for up-to-the-minute reports.

About Barbara

Barbara Eisenstein Barbara Eisenstein is a native plant gardener, horticulturist, speaker, writer, and blogger. She founded and runs Friends of the Nature Park, a citizen stewardship program in South Pasadena, and received the 2007 Arroyo Verde Award for Best Citizen Activism. She ran the Native Plant Garden Hotline at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, and may have even answered one of your questions. She is now an RSABG Research Associate and horticulture chair for the San Gabriel Mts Chapter of CNPS. Milo the dogBarbara lives in South Pasadena and gardens with her dog, Milo, though he usually just lies in the dirt and gets sunburned.